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Space Availability - Henrietta Public Library - New Building

Community Room is a private category and can only be viewed at this URL. If you leave this category, you'll need to use the URL to return to it.

Instructions for Booking a Room:

  1. Click on a green, available timeslot in the timeline below to select the start time of your reservation. If there are no green slots in the timeline, click “Next Available” to see the soonest available times.

Note: Please select a time that allows for set up before your meeting, if necessary.

  1. Select an end time in the dropdown box below the timeline. After you have selected your end time, you will notice that the boxes in the timeline turn from green to yellow to indicate the range of time you are requesting.

Note: Please select an end time that accommodates for cleanup of the room after use.

  1. Once you see the correct range of times that you are hoping to book in the timeline, click the blue “Submit Times” button at the bottom of the page in order to continue to the next steps.


Please Note: Once you have completed the booking request, you will have an option on the confirmation page to “Make Another Booking.” If you created your booking from the timeline that shows all rooms in this category, that option will bring you back to view all rooms in this category. However, if you have clicked on an individual room before selecting your booking times, the button to “Make Another Booking” will bring you back to available times for that specific room.

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