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Introduction to Talking Circles


Learn how to come together for respectful and meaningful conversations.

While technology continues to increase our capacity to communicate faster, at greater distances, and in exhaustive detail, it seems that technology may also be undermining our ability to communicate in respectful and meaningful ways.

Talking Circles are an ancient and very low-tech, way for communities to share information and make decisions. Taking circles invite us to enjoy our shared time, and to come together for respectful and meaningful conversations.

“The Circle is a simple, structured process of communication that helps participants reconnect with a joyous appreciation of themselves and others. It is designed to create a safe space for all voices and to encourage each participant to step in the direction of their best selves”

Carolyn Boyce-Watson and Kay Pranis

If you are interested in learning more about circles and restorative practices, please contact Partners in Restorative Initiatives (PiRI) at: office@pirirochester.org Registration recommended.

Thursday, September 13, 2018
6:30pm - 8:30pm
Meeting Room
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Event Organizer

Rosanne Rosella

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